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That's Abominable!

Conditions additionnelles requises pour obtenir cette quête:
  • Votre reputation avec 0 doît être d'au moins 0
  • Votre reputation avec 0 doît être moins que 0
Thassarian on the Skybreaker wants you to use the Abomination Reanimation Kit to create a Reanimated Abomination, which you are to use to kill 15 Icy Ghouls, 15 Vicious Geists, and 15 Risen Alliance Soldiers.


You know what to do, <classe>.

Take this kit and use the guts from their abominations to create one of your own, then command it to attack the enemy forces at the gate.

You would do well to refine this tactic for when we make another assault on the gate.


Vous recevrez également: 7 40


Yes, <classe>?


I see your skills with the abominations are developing nicely.

Be diligent, friend, and soon the death gate will belong to the Alliance.


Lors de l'achèvement de cette quête vous gagnerez:
  • 22050 Experience (13 23 au max. niveau)