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Conditions additionnelles requises pour obtenir cette quête:
  • Votre reputation avec 0 doît être d'au moins 0
  • Votre reputation avec 0 doît être moins que 0
Stefan in Ebon Watch wants you to defeat Drakuru.

If you lose your Ensorcelled Choker, return to Stefan at Ebon Watch to get another.


The time has come to end this charade, <nom>.

As valuable as your information has been, we must bring Drakuru down and bring his project to an end before his freaks are unleashed.

We've modified your scepter for the job. When the time is right, you will be able to use it on Drakuru's Blightbloods and turn them against him. It's your only hope of defeating him.

Fight well.


Vous pourrez choisir une de ces récompenses:
Sautoir de traître Sautoir de trahison Sautoir du traître
Vous recevrez également: 18 60


Have you faced Drakuru in battle, <nom>?


So, it is done.

We still have much to do, but our work here will be much more manageable thanks to your efforts.

Please accept this as a token of our gratitude.


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