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  • Niveau: 46
  • Niveau requis: 30
  • Coté: Horde
  • Classe: ---
  • Début: Kin'weelay
  • Fin: Nimboya

Saving Yenniku

Conditions additionnelles requises pour obtenir cette quête:
Bring the Filled Soul Gem to Nimboya.


I have reshaped the Mind's Eye into a Soul Gem. Its purpose is twofold: you must use it to stun Yenniku, and once stunned place it upon his head to entrap his soul.

Then, bring the gem to Nimboya.

Yenniku dwells with Zanzil the Outcast, at the Ruins of Aboraz, along the Crystal Shore on the distant Cape of Stranglethorn.


Vous pourrez choisir une de ces récompenses:
Bâton mystique de Nimboya Médaille de courage


<nom>. Kin'weelay told me you set out to capture Yenniku.

Is it true? Do you have him?


You've done it! You freed Yenniku from the will of Zanzil, and completed the mission I had thought was so desperate.

Our tribe will remember your name in songs, <nom>, and we will etch your tale in stone so that it will live forever.


Lors de l'achèvement de cette quête vous gagnerez: